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amule un ubuntu net best practice

The TCP and UDP port will have to be open from aMule to the internet. The first obstacle is iptables in Ubuntu. Iptables will cause aMule to receive firewalled status – or low id. Being firewalled will drastically decrease performance. To open the ports you can either install Firestarter, the GUI for iptables by typing the following in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install firestarter

From Firestarter, open the ports in Preferences->Connection in aMule.
Or, you can just open the ports using the terminal. Type, e,g,

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 4711 -j ACCEPT

to open tcp port 4711, and

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 4712 -j ACCEPT

to open udp port 4712. (To close the ports again, use the same parameters, except replace «ACCEPT» with «DROP».)

To acieve maximim performance, it is also a good idea to open a UDP-port for extended server requests. This means the port through which all non-core packets are sent to the server. That is data such as file rates, extended file descriptions (encoding, audio length, video resolution, etc), and other trivial but very handy data. The UDP port for extended server requests is always TCP-port +3, so in this case we open it with

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 4714 -j ACCEPT

If you have a router, you also need to open the above mentioned ports and forward them to your computer. If you open the ports but don`t forward them to the right device, you will be firewalled.

If you don`t know how to open and forward your ports, enter this page: From this page, select your router. You will now enter a new image with a lot of application names. aMule is unfortunately not on the list, but select eMule instead. You should now get a guide for your router on how to open and forward the ports. (Remember that eMule and aMule uses different default ports.)

Max sources per file: This all depends on how much your router and modem can handle. The more connections they can handle without problems, the better. I have mine at 500 and 700 respectively. You may want to experiment with these values. If you put the limit too high, you may choke your router and internet becomes unresponsive.

Networks: Make sure you have both ed2k and Kad ticked.
Message Filter. This is where you can fill in common spam-messages. Just copy and paste the spam message into the box and separate messages with a «,» (without the «s) and you`ll never see the message again.

Server. This is important. Some servers are fakes, mainly run by the entertainment industy, and will not give any results. To avoid the bad ones, untick the «update serverlist» boxes, and tick «autoconnect to servers in static list only».

Directories. Incoming directory is where your finished downloads will be saved. Keep in mind that the default setting is within the hidden .aMule folder, so if you don`t change it you will have to use Ctrl+h to make it visible. I recommend making a folder in your home directory for incoming files, and point towards it from aMule. Tempfiles is reserved for non-complete files, and may well be hidden. Shared directories is the files you share using aMule. (Please be generous. Filesharing is after all about sharing, and not about using aMule as a download machine. Whatever you download has to be uploaded by someone else. Roughly speaking: Total network upload speed = Total network download speed.) By default, you only share your incoming folder, and you can`t unshare it. Double click on a folder to share the contents. This will not share subdirectories! If you have one or more subdirectory within that folder you want to share, right click the folder! Any shared directory will be marked in bold letters.

Security. Tick «Enable IP-filtering.» The purpose of using an IP-filter is to block the bad guys, mainly the entertainment industry and their lackeys, who are sabotaging the ed2k network. Clients on your ipfilter will not be able to establish a connection to your computer. I use the ipfilter from Bluetack, so you can insert this url and then click «Update now». The ipfilter should then download and install. (A known bug in Feisty may cause aMule to crash while updating the IPfilter.) If you can`t do without an IPfilter, try Moblock.

Gui-tweaks contains a few useful settings, like percentage, progress bar and fast ed2k-links handler. You can use the latter for ed2k links found on the internet and click apply, and the file shoud be on your download list.
That`s it for the Preferences box! Click ok to save the changes.

The last thing you have to do before starting to use aMule is to add servers. There are no servers by default. Select the Networks icon between the Disconnect and Search button in the main menu. Add this line in the top box and press enter:
You can also add servers manually from e.g. and enter name, IP and portnumber in the boxes below. (Avoid servers marked in pink.) Once you have a few servers, right click a couple of large servers with low responsetime (ping) and right click. Select add to static server list. (If you chose to autoconnect only to servers in static serverlist, aMule will only try reconnecting to one of these safe servers if disconnected.) Remember: Do not connect to servers located in the USA, since they almost certainly are fakes.

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