sabato 7 novembre 2009

Mandare Link ED2k verso un amule su un altro computer.


Make sure aMule is installed with the aMuleCMD option checked.

We need a batch script to handle the ed2k links from the browser, and we need to add some keys to the registry to make the browser recognize the ed2k links.

Create a file named ed2k_remote.bat containing the following code:

@echo off
set link=%1
for /f "useback tokens=*" %%a in ('%link%') do set link=%%~a
"c:\Program Files\aMule\amulecmd.exe" /h server /P pass /c "add %link%"

Don't forget to replace server and pass with your data and save the file in your aMule directory C:\Program Files\aMule.

Create a file named ed2k_remote.reg containing the following code:


@="URL: ed2k Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""

@="C:\\Program Files\\aMule\\amulegui.exe"



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\aMule\\ed2k_remote.bat\" \"%1\""

Save the file and run it (double click) to add these keys to the registry.

Internet Explorer

You should be OK with just the changes to the registry and the batch script in your aMule directory.


The first time you click an ed2k link in Firefox you will get the following dialog:

Tick the Remember box and click OK.


Open the preferences window and click the Programs tab

Click the Add... button

Make Opera aware of the ed2k link protocol with these settings:

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